Community Mapping for Health Equity Overview

Welcome to the website. This website is maintained by the National Community Mapping Institute (NCMI): a unit of the Health Disparities Research Center of Excellence (HDRCOE) at Meharry Medical College. Community Mapping is a tool that uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to generate maps to tell a story about what is happening in our communities. The website was created to provide concerned persons with easy access to maps which can help:

  • visualize health disparities experienced by racial/ethnic minority groups and other medically underserved populations
  • better understand the relationships between environmental exposures and health disparities
  • provide access to maps, data and tools which can be used to promote community-level interventions

Thank you for your interest in health disparities and health equity. We hope the maps that are provided on this site will be of help to you and the communities your serve. PLEASE: reference the website in your work. Feel free to contact us with your feedback and suggestions to improve the site! To learn more about the work of the HDRCOE, go to:

Sincerely, HDRCOE staff                                                


                              MAP OF THE DAY (Each day, a new map will be added)

Static Maps (predefined maps of a public health concern)

Timelapse Maps (changes of characteristics over time)

Interactive Maps (enable users to identify map features)