The mission of the Health Disparities Research Center of Excellence at Meharry is to eliminate health disparities, promote health equity, inform public policy, and transform public health practice through the advancement of academic/community partnerships and promotion of the use of public health informatics in bio-medical, clinical, health services and translational research.

The HDRCOE is comprised of a transdisciplinary team of faculty and staff dedicated to the elimination of health disparities.  Our team includes persons with expertise and training in:

  • social and behavioral science
  • medicine
  • environmental and public health
  • urban planning and earth science
  • engineering and computer science
  • traditional epidemiology and biostatistics, spatial temporal analytics, predictive and growth modeling
  • computational and big data analytics

Goals and Objectives

The overarching goals of the Center are to:

  1. Demonstrate the efficacy of a systems framework for conducting health services research that address multi-level determinants of health disparities among racial/ethnic minorities;
  2. Provide trans-disciplinary mentoring, support, and training of research scientists in conducting health disparities research designed to prevent or delay the onset of diseases and conditions that disproportionately affect minority health;
  3. Establish academic and community partnerships to develop, implement, translate, and disseminate discoveries from health disparities research into real world, clinical, public health, and public policy practice; and
  4. Apply systems science models, tools, and analytics to understand the complex causes of health disparities.
  5. Reduce health disparities and promote health equity among racial/ethnic minorities.