Average Dental Service Expenditure by County (2013-2014)

Data Source: Esri 2016 Consumer Spending

“Recent studies have shown that cost is the most significant barrier to receiving dental services. Studies have also reported that cost barriers to dental care are considerably higher than for other types of health care services. According to a recent study of non-elderly adults with health insurance, dental care ranked number one among health care services that people are skimping on because of cost.

Key messages: 1) Average annual per-patient dental expenditures in the U.S. were $685 in 2013; 2) Average expenditures for patients in the 90th percentile were $1,624. Expenditures at this level and above could represent a financial burden to dental patients; 3) Contributing to this burden are out-of-pocket expenditures which, as a percentage of the total expenditure, are higher for dental services compared to other sectors of the health care system. 4) Patients with high dental expenditures represent a relatively small percentage of the U.S. population, and the services they receive are not usually required annually. ”

The Per-Patient Cost of Dental Care, 2013: A Look Under the Hood