Whites Non Hispanic Drug Induced Cause of Death Rate By County ( 1999-2015)

Today’s map of the day shows the rate of drug induced cause of death by county for Whites Non Hispanic for years 1999 to 2015. From the data we can see clusters of areas that are predominantly shaded dark indicating a high rate of drug induced mortality. For instance Arizona and New Mexico have a large amount of counties dark/darkish orange.  Arizona alone has counties with a drug induced mortality rate of 12.11 or higher. Why might this be? One speculation could be the influx of drugs across the US-Mexico border. Overall we can see many western states have a larger portion of counties predominantly with a higher mortality rate compared to other states, such as Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and New York which are predominantly shaded yellow indicating a lower mortality rate. In addition, we can see clusters of counties shaded dark in some southern states, such as Oklahoma, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee and Florida.