Haynes Middle School students engage in community mapping of mosquito breeding sites to control the spread of Zika Virus in North Nashville.

As part of the Citizen Science Project to prevent and control the spread of Zika Virus in North Nashville in May 2017 41 Haynes Middle School students, both 7th and 8th graders, teachers, librarian and the principle participated in mapping mosquitoes breading sites outside the school within the surrounding neighborhood.

Participants learned how to use the mapping application, Mappler Mobile 2K, which allowed them to identify hazards as potential mosquito breeding sites. After mapping the sites students returned to the library to share their experiences. Numerous students were bothered by the excess trash they saw in the neighborhood and expressed ways to reduce the trash, such as picking up the trash or providing available trash bins in the neighborhood. After the project, many of the students stated they knew more about Zika virus, mosquito breeding site and the impact garbage could have on potential mosquito breeding sites.

“My experience with Meharry College was pretty fun. We got to explore around the neighborhood in connection of what could possibly breed more mosquitos. I think it was really fun, and this would be nice to do again.” – Tara

The study efforts and outcomes of the community mapping will be provided as a year-end report to schools, elected officials, and  public health departments and professionals.

*** This project is being conducted in collaboration with the Health Disparities Research Center of Excellence at Meharry, the National Community Mapping Institute, the Meharry School of Medicine, the Meharry librarian, Metro Nashville Libraries, and officials from the Metro Nashville Health Department.