Public Health Exposome

We have recently (10/12/2016) added over 600 county-level maps on a host of health and environment features. Static Map Database. Or from the Home page go to the Community Mapping Gallery tab at the top of the page; scroll down to Gallery and click on Static Maps.  Under Maps by theme click on Static Map Database. There are 23 pages of maps.  Click on the Download link to open it up. Double click on the map to enlarge it and copy or save the image to your computer to print.

The NCMI is in the process of developing an interactive mapping overlay to the HDRCOE exposome data base so that users can select the variables they would like to map. The exposome is a data base of over 20,000 county level exposure variables in four broad environmental domains: natural (air, water, land); built, (places you live, work, play, learn and pray); social (demographic, social, political and economic); and policy (federal, state, and local laws and regulations) that have a direct and indirect impact on health.

Public Health Exposome Metadata Database